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737Aviation as an Youtube channel has been up since 2016. At the moment we have over 55.000 Subscribers and lately we started to publish live videos from Xplane 11 and other simulators with addition to our regular cockpit Videos. This channel will feature the Simulator 737 Type Rating which is already under developement. All our projects were started by me and at the moment we are working in a team of many people, that you can see in the pictiures below, having a good time sharing our passion with you! 

Captain Speaking

CaptainSpeaking has started in 2019 as a backup channel to 737aviation with an idea of publishing simulator videos and lives. Quickly it became apparent that there is lack of proffesional pilots among Streamers in my native language which resulted in this Channel being 100% dedicated as almost one language.

On CaptainSpeaking I have started my Simulator Type Rating project and as it picked up many views I have recieved many requests to make similiar videos in English. On this channel we did many many successful videos including Streams from full size Boeing 737 simulator.