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        - Since 2016 - 

Hi All!

Our Channel has been started in 2016 by just one Person. Now we are integrated team working on providing you the best News and Videos from the aviation world, and we are actively posting on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, all links you may find below. 

Our team is developing numerous aviation projects that you can learn about on the 'Our Projects' page.

We sincerely support all aviation enthusiasts, so if you have any questions about flight training, aircraft we fly, or any other thing we are always happy to help and answer.

Fly Safe!


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My Aviation Story

   I have always dreamt of working in airline indsutry. My aviation adventure has started back in 2007 when I first did my PPL theory and practical. After that I started my first airline a Cabin Crew in major European low cost carrier. When In the meantime I continued my training, builded hours, did ATPL(A) theory, passed the exams, to eventually quit and in 2012 become a flight instructor in one of the flight schools.  Those were tough times in aviation industry, that followed 2008 financial crysis. In 2014 I managed to get employed by small charter company in which I flew a Cessna 182 and Piper Seneca V. This were actually fun times, I really enjoyed it, and I still have a lot of warm memories about it. Unfortunetely the market made the Company go bust, and again I had to look for a job. Before end of the year I managed to get eployeed as an First Officer on Boeing 737 in the biggest holiday charter operator in Poland, and I did my first Type Rating in Lufthansa Aviation Traininig in Berlin Schonefeld. After spending 2 good years in there I went back to the low cost carrier, this time as an F/O, and after one year I got my upgrade done.

So now I am here, I am rated as a Captain on Boeing 737-300/900 and Honda Jet. and I have logged more than 4500 hours on airplanes. 

You will find a lot of pictures taken during my Career in 'Gallery'.

Fly Safe!

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